These humble little stuctures have at some time been a place to wait patiently for the bus, a place to take a brief shelter from a passing rain shower, or like many teenagers from rural settings aplace to hang out with your mates and smoke a sneaky cigeratte, habe a laugh and just get away from your parents for a while.

 In 2011 I became a Buddhist, this is know as 'Taking Refuge' in the Buddha, the Dharma the (practice of meditation), and the Sangha. (the community of buddhists). I found this a very humbling experience, I felt a strong urge to express this act in a series of images and what could have expresses that feeling and sense of humility better than these beautifully overlooked little structures. 

All of the shelters in this collection are from routes that I have travelled on.  
commercial photographer london and essex tom mcgahan
© Copyright 2023- Tom McGahan Photography
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