What Remains

The reality of existence would seem to suggest, that all things are connected in some shape or form. Everything is in correlation, nothing arises independently of itself. How we perceive these association is down to each individual due predominantly though the conditioning of our environment.

We have all felt the sense of loss, a childhood toy, a first love, a parent, or a great friend. Bound by fate, by this we  are connected, by the experiences we share, deep connection spring forth for one another.  In this a sense of  our shared humanity is formed, creating  compassion that  can bridge divides. The deeper and closer these bonds are, or attachments, the more distinguished the mark that remain. Some are the splash of colour of fond memories, of brief encounters like a favoured song, and others dark stains concealed deep within the folds of our subconscious.

Perception is our inner world projected onto our environment, some see decay and destruction other potential and beauty. The photographer says look at this, look and look again, what do you see, when we strip away perception, what remains.

The photographs in this series are an examination of intertwining of relationship, and in particular the marks that remain when these interconnections come to a conclusion.