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The last plate

The weather took a turn and it felt right, you could feel the humidity rise and it became a hot a sticky drive down to Brighton. You really have to trust your instincts and go with the flow, even though it was overcast and dull in Essex, who knows what it would be like when…

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The Bodhisattva

I had been told about this WW2 Mine station on the mouth of the Crouch Estuary, so I had a look on Google maps and set of for Burnham-on Crouch. I decided to park up at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club and walk from there along the sea wall. What appeared on Google maps not…

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Bambi in Real Life

If I drunk text you and you’re asleep, don’t text me in the morning…that ship has sailed. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You had me at horses, but then you lost me at corpses. I’m out of control. Buns…sen. Buns…sen. I had no idea there was so much butt touching in baseball. Thank you zombie boyfriends. I’m out of…

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Manon’s Trip

How do you know a python ate it? Did it leave a note? I had no idea there was so much butt touching in baseball. My crotch is itchy. You won’t regret it, dad. When I kiss Jimmy Jr. under the disco ball, it’ll be like we’re all kissing Jimmy Jr under the disco ball.…

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