Nobody's Son
Where Ever you Be.
Return to the Source
What Tyranny is this
Tainted Liberation
This Deathless Soul
The Magnitude of Acceptance
You Never Said I Love You
Another side of Stillness
Dig Deeper
No words for this
In the Silence of my Heart
The Bliss of Neutrality
My Apocalpse
A Moment of Surrender
What once was hurt

The Landscape of Lament

After a brief Illness on the 21st October 2017 my Father  passed away, in the immediate aftermath of his death I embarked on this series of images to try in some way to record the process of grief and preserve feelings and emotions that arise.

In Irish tradition when the body was taken from the house, Keeners would sing a lament over the body, this tradition died out in the mid 20th Century. Grief is so often suppressed in our Western culture,  In our striving for happiness does death and the sadness that follow encroach on our own sense of mortality so much that it has to be pushed to one side. “Our grief now is too contained. We rely on taking anti-depressants. We go to a grief counsellor, but these people in a way, letting it all out, having a good scream, coming from the feet up, a good cry, a good purging.”This collection of Landscapes are my Keen to my father.

The process of grieving is said to come in five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, these stages never come in order, sometimes in reverse and sometimes all at once, but also within these are the moments of fond memories, and deep love that seems to become stronger, and takes on a deep seat within us.

They say that love conquers all, even death, I believe this to be true.