Into the West

Who Am I, is that question in life that often arises during times questioning our place in the world. For me I have always struggled with identity. Born of Irish parents in England, told by some I am Irish and other English, or British, these questions always have made me question who I am.

In these time, I often find myself make a trip over to Ireland. This particular journey was different, a usual trip would involve visiting relatives, drinking lots of tea, and going for long walks.

This trip was different, no visiting relatives. Instead I went to the most western point of Ireland in County Cork staying in a 200 year old West Cork cottage. During that week, I drove, walked, climbed and took many photos and spent my time alone contemplating that Universal question.

Advaita Vedanta is a school of Hindu philosophy. The Sanskrit term literally translates as ‘not two’. The teachings encourage the practice of self enquiry as the principal means to remove ignorance. These inquiries can help to strip back the layer of illusion that we build up around our identity, as our identification with objects, people, situations are what create the illusory self, when we start to dis-identify (I am not this, I am not that) we can remove the layers of illusion we have created around our identity, and reveal our true nature.