The Bodhisattva

I had been told about this WW2 Mine station on the mouth of the Crouch Estuary, so I had a look on Google maps and set of for Burnham-on Crouch. I decided to park up at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club and walk from there along the sea wall. What appeared on Google maps not to be that far, turn out to be quite a trek, on a cold and blustery March morning.

Earlier that week I had a blast from the past, I always deeply regretted how I treated her, and knew now that I had a golden opportunity to repent for my unskillful behaviour, and to try to heel the wounds of the past. So what turned out to be unplanned trudge gave me the time to think about my past deeds and ponder what word to use to express my remorse.

In order for us to awake we must practice introspection, to look within our selfs and truly face ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

As I approached the location of the mine station before I could see this structure sitting facing the sea, motionless perfectly still, like a meditating bodhisattva. The Boddisattva is one who has elevated their awareness to achieve wisdom, this is done through self introspection, in order to know yourself and by letting go of our biased view points.