About Me


Born and raised in deepest darkest Essex in the estuary town of Maldon. I first fell in love with photography at the age of 15, I was hooked.

The landscape of the coastal regions of the east Essex, are flat and featureless with big Essex skies. These landscape seem to have a deep medative quality almost Zen like. Long walks along the coastal path would often have a duel purpose of looking for shots and contemplation.

Having always had a strong interest in spirituality, I often had long theological conversations with my mother mostly around Christianity, which coming from an Irish Catholic family was a given. I would often read eastern text, but not until 2008 when I attended a talk with a Chinese Buddhist master would life take a new path.

The concepts of Buddhism extend to everyday life and thus as a artist and photographer these practice have infused into my work, not by travelling to the east and visiting monasteries but by trudging those muddy  paths of east coast.